What's going on with BSB this year? Is BSB 2020 cancelled? How are you dealing with coronavirus/COVID-19?

BSB 2020 is not cancelled, but due to coronavirus/COVID-19, we have postponed it to September 18-20. We are hoping the pandemic has passed by then and we can put on the best event possible. If things have not sufficiently improved when the new dates approach, we will take whatever action is needed. We take the safety of our attendees and their loved ones seriously.

UPDATE: BSB 2020 is still not canceled, but there will be no in-person event. Instead, it has moved to a completely online marathon.

I registered for BSB 2020 but now the event is online only. What happens to my registration fee?

2020 registrants have two options:

Email us at using the email you used to register and we will issue you a full refund

Do nothing, at which point your registration automatically transfers to BSB 2021, which will once again be an in-person event.

Wait, BSB 2021?

Yes! While negotiating with our venue, we went ahead and moved our whole 2020 event to Summer 2021. We don't want to drop too many details yet as we're still focusing on 2020, but suffice it to say we're definitely not giving up on the live, small marathon feel BSB is known for.

I'm only going for part of the weekend, can I get a prorated badge?

Unfortunately we no longer offer prorated badges.

Do runners get compensated for their badges

Regrettably, no. While this is definitely something we'd like to do down the road, due to the small size and really tight operating margins we've got, it's not possible right now. For what it's worth, staff pays the same price as everyone else. We're all in this together.

Why is there a limited number of badges?

Put simply, the number of badges is the maximum number of people who can be in the stream room without violating fire code. There have been a lot of shakeups on our end and due to uncertainty about being able to fill the larger, more expensive event spaces we played it a bit conservatively this time and opted for a smaller space. We're definitely planning to move into bigger spaces as we grow, so thank you for understanding.

If I register and have to cancel later can I get a refund?

Absolutely. Just send us an email or DM one of the staff on the BSB Discord and we'll get you taken care of. However, if you do ask for a refund and then re-register after January 1st, you cannot get early-bird pricing.

Why are badges so expensive?

This was a difficult decision for us. If we could we'd shoulder all the costs ourselves, but unfortunately we can't. As is we had exactly zero dollars in operating funds for this event and have been paying for everything out of our own pockets, in some cases borrowing money. The badges as they are set will allow us to cover the event space, all our expenditures for equipment + supplies, domain and web hosting, and give us the wiggle room for potentially upgrading the space next year. We want to be completely transparent about this and appreciate your patience and understanding.

I missed preregistration but would still like to attend. Am I out of luck?

Any badges we have left over after preregistration can still be puurchased at the door. They'll be $60 cash in hand until we run out. At the moment due to the postponement we will also be reopening preregistration during the summer so you have another chance to get in early and get that sweet printed badge.

How can we be sure our donations go directly to the charity?

The money doesn't even touch our hands or our accounts. They're handled entirely through Tiltify, a trusted third party, and go directly to the charity. Rest easy.

Is there anything else to do aside from the main stream room?

Yes! We have a separate room with multiple CRTs so everyone can make new speedfriends and spread the good word of their run of choice. We also happen to know several of the staff and locals are fans of board and card games so analog gaming will definitely be around. And if you want to go out, we're a short drive from multiple game stores and a short walk from a large shopping area and indoor amusement center. Lots to do in and around BSB!

Do bits, subs, and tips on the Twitch page go to the charity?

They do not. Only the Tiltify link sends your dollars to them. All the others go toward our operating costs (and bolstering our peace of mind).

I want to submit runs to BSB 2020, how does that work?

If you want to submit runs, then keep your eyes on our main page or schedule page because we're going to be re-opening submissions later on during the summer for a few more runs. You'll need a link to a video and an estimate so make sure you have both.

You've answered some questions here, but not mine

We've got you covered! Head on over to our staff page and send any queries you might have to our questions email. Any department-specific questions can be directed to the corresponding department heads, also on the staff page.